On The Side Walk Bleeding Summary


Andy, a Royal, gets stabbed under the ribs by a member of a rival gang, The Guardians


On the way to buy a pack of cigarettes, Andy is stabbed in an alleyway, and not being able to make a sound, nobody helps him.


A sidewalk and an alleyway where cats live....

Character Protagonist:


Type Of Character:

Andy is a round character, and a Dynamic character, because of the way you put the most effort in trying to understand him, and how he changes throughout the story.

Character Antagonist:


Drunken Man Type Of Character:

This man is a static character, because he doesn't change or really effect the story.

Couple (Boy, Girl) Type Of Character:

These two characters are stock characters, just the same as the drunkard.

Police Officer Type Of Character:

The Police Officer is also a stock character, because he does not change the story.

Laura Type Of Character:

Laura is a Dynamic character, because of how she changed after the death of Andy.


Man vs. Man.

Initiating Incident:

Andy is caught in an alleyway with a rival gang member, who stabs him.

Rising Action:

  1. Andy is stabbed in the alley.
  2. When nobody attempts to help him, he realizes that he is dying.
  3. Andy's life is taken about 20 minutes after the incident.


Andy makes a powerful effort to remove his jacket, as he does not want to be remembered as Royal, he wanted to be remembered as "Andy".

Falling Action:

When Laura gets back to Andy with the Police Officer, Andy is dead.


After Andy's efforts of wanting to be recognized as himself, the officer sees his jacket and judges him for being a Royal.

Type Of Ending:

The main character dies, leaving Laura by herself.


  1. The main character who is a Royal, gets stabbed, and bleeds to death.
  2. He could remember how happy he was when the Royals had taken him. The Royals and the

    Guardians, two of the biggest. He was a Royal. There had been meaning to the title.

    Now, in the alley, with the cold rain washing his hot body, he wondered about the meaning.


I think it was very obvious, that Andy was going to die at the end of the story.


The symbol of the story is the Royals jacket, for it's what got Andy stuck in all of this.

Point Of View:

Third Person Omniscient, for the narrator knows everything happening around Andy, and they know what Andy is thinking.


The Theme of this story is dealing with death, as it is something we all have to face eventually.